Nerdy yet Fun hobbies to try

Bored? want to do something new? If you’re one of the nerds, then this is a fun hobbies to try.

Puzzle Games
Literally, there are thousands of websites dedicated to puzzle challenges, nerd on nerd.

Metal Detecting
In this game, Most hunters keep their finds, but I like the idea of posting them online as a giant lost and found.

Have you seen some of the cute plushie, sweater, and hat patterns on Pinterest? Awesome right?!

It’s a treasure hunt, using a GPS or smart phone. A fun and so addicting game.

Bingo with Friends or online
This is my favorite game as well as my mom. its perfect for family Gatherings. If you’re the kind who plays online, I highly recommend !

Old School RPG
Definitely SkyRim is a must try!

Play Words With Friends!
Its a fun game while learning new words with friends! You can play with your friends in facebook or look for a smart match!.

its a scrabble game! That can be played with facebook friends. A very addicting game for those who love to learn new words.

Some of the nerds i know love to cook alien foods. I dont why they love to experiment for new taste and flavors but i find it interesting though.

Have you seen some of the cute plushie, sweater, and hat patterns on Pinterest?

Rockhounds love combing beaches and trails for specimens of various rocks and minerals and gems.

Making memory books, or scrapbooks, is fun… and when you’re done, you have a one-of-a-kind keepsake, something that will last a lifetime.

Hope this list helps you fight boredom! Good day!

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