Grey’s Anatomy Inspired Medical Scrubs

Have you been watching Grey’s Anatomy?

Honestly, if you were to ask me, I’ll quickly say ‘no‘.  Not that I don’t like the medical series, I have seen the second season of the series courtesy of my sister-in-law, but I haven’t found time in continuing to watch after the second season.  My sister-in-law has a compilation of the series but since we moved out of my in-laws house and rented our own, I can’t seem to find time in watching it.


Anyway, I’ve asked about Grey’s Anatomy because I came across a collection of medical scrub online and you’ll notice that they are showcasing a Grey’s Anatomy inspired medical scrubs.  Want to check out what I’m saying?  Visit this link:  You’ll know if you’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy.  ^_^

And yes, the link is from, an online shop, distributor, with loads of medical scrub collection from different well-known brands, such as Cherokee, Barco, Dickies and more, which specializes in manufacturing or producing high quality medical scrubs.  If you’re going to visit their web page now, they are having a Pre-Thanksgiving Sale which gives you 20% off on the entire site of medical scrubs to 25% off on your orders over $150!  There’s savings right there.

As for Grey’s Anatomy, they are showing their 9th Season aren’t they?  I guess that hubby’s finished watching House, another medical series, I’ll suggest he’ll compile Grey’s Anatomy for us to watch.  ^_^



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