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Go Lingerie

So you’re ready to shop for your big day and has everything planned out on your wedding dress. But are you sure you’re not forgetting a tiny detail? When buying a wedding dress, you should always start from the inner layer first to the outer. Many brides get too excited on their wedding gowns and when they buy the bridal lingerie, they realize it’s not all that simple. The neck line may be too low or the back may show off so deciding on the best undergarments becomes a little complicated. Remember your bridal lingerie is the foundation of your […]

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Perfect Flats

Flats are the only shoes you can wear everyday. They offer versatility when it comes to style and colors. Flats may look casual but they can also look formal with the right style or design. The trick is to choose the right pair according to your wardrobe and style. There are different kinds of flat. Here’s some of them. *Loafers are slip on kind of shoes that are low and lace-less. They are best worn with cropped trousers or tailored clothing. You can choose bright colors to look more feminine on it. *Ballerina flats are or doll shoes are soft […]

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