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Animal costumes

Animal costume is one of popular choices outfit this coming Halloween. Different animal costume can work in a variety of party themes. Here are some widely used animal suggestions for your Halloween costume. Cat costume is a flexible choice. You can find several types and kinds to dress up such as tigers, cheetahs, lions or a house cat. For a more revealing look, cat-woman is a great option. Rabbit costume is not only used during Easter but also on Halloween. It is easy to assemble, you only need a white sweater, white pair of tights or leggings then an large […]

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How to update an old Jacket

Whether it’s a recently thrifted jacket or something that you’ve had for ages, a little update can make a big difference. Take a look at these crafty ways to update an old jacket. PAINT -If you’re feeling a bit artistic, try taking to your old jacket with some paint. It’s very DIY and has a bit of a punk aspect to it. Just get your hands on some fabric paint and start creating a piece of art CHOP – Take a pair of scissors to your jacket to turn it into something a bit different. A simple approach is to just […]

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