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If you’re looking for some stylish and affordable hair accessories to jazz up your hair, look no further! Let me show you some affordable hair accessories that prove that looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money Lovely Korean Style Hollow Rose Hair Band Although this isn’t something you’d wear on a daily basis, unless you wanted to of course, it’s a fun piece to have to wear to a gathering with friends or going to your favorite bar or lounge! You can easily punch up one or two day old hair with this spiked headband! DOUBLE […]

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Celebrities & Their Iconic Red Carpet Fashion

Celebrities in different countries love to dress up for their red carpet events, especially stars from Hollywood.   Every red carpet events have lots of stories to tell.  Each stories are different as to what the celebrities are wearing for this eye catching event.  Some may wear formal evening gowns, barely-there gowns, pant suits, women in tuxedos, costumes and more! Like the compilation I read about the ‘Iconic Red Carpet Dresses of All Time’.  Let’s name a few shall we (*wink*)? Who wouldn’t remember Jennifer Lopez’ very revealing, barely covering her body, green gown by Versace on the 42nd Grammy […]

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