Cyber Monday Sale in Ericdress

Cyber Monday which usually falls on December 1 because it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping event of the year. Sales and deals are all over town and you’re sure to find some hot deals too in online stores. has the biggest fashion clothing online deals on Cyber monday. Check them out at

If you can’t wait until December to get your hands on the latest fashion deals, Don’t worry because Ericdress is giving you an all-year round cheap fashion clothes for you and your loved one. I’m going to share some of the amazing deals I found below.

This Fashion Thickening Cool Hoody is on sale for only USD $30.09 from its original price of USD $ 189.00. Check it out here

This Black Asymmetrical Round Collar Long Sleeve Blouses is on sale for only USD $15.99 from its original price of USD $ 55.00. Check it out here

This Fashion High-waisted Elastic Joker Jeans is on sale for only USD $31.79 from the original price of USD $ 133.00. Check this out here

This White Cartoon Print Long Sleeve Couple Outfits is on sale for only USD $19.29 from its original price of USD $ 65.00. Check it out here

The hottest deals will sell out quickly, so don’t wait wait up and grab one of these Cheap Clothes online at

How to wear women t-shirts

The T-shirt, commonly referred to as a “tee,” was introduced sometime during the early 19th century. The shirt earned its name from the T-shape that forms when the shirt is worn. Tees were originally made from cotton and worn by men for physical activities such as farming and mining. Women did not begin wearing tees until the 20th century. Every woman has her own preference regarding the fit of a tee. Some women like form-fitting shirts that embrace their curves. Others prefer baggy tees that do not cling tightly to the stomach or chest. Most ladies prefer a tee that is somewhere in the middle. Check out

women shirts
women shirts
women shirts

  • Boyfriend jeans never seem to go out of style, and now women can buy boyfriend tees. Boyfriend tees usually feature a deep V-neck and a tiny pocket on one side of the chest. They are slightly snug in the chest, but a little roomy in the stomach area.
  • Tunics are loose-fitting tops and women shirts that flatter many different body types. They are often made of polyester or a similar fabric, but they are also available in cotton. Tunics look wonderful with skinny jeans.
  • Tees are available for every season. Summer calls for tiny tees with short sleeves, and three-quarter sleeves and long sleeves are best for cooler weather. Pull off a layered look by choosing tees in fun colors and lightweight fabrics.

T-shirts are versatile. Once considered a casual piece, women’s shirts are now suitable for the gym, mall, and office. Working women commonly pair a plain white shirt with a black blazer or patterned skirt. Transform a basic white tee into work-appropriate attire with the help of a sophisticated belt or scarf. A belt placed just below the bust creates the illusion of a shapely figure.
Some women prefer to save tees for leisure time or errands. It is not uncommon to find women at the grocery store or post office wearing jeans, flip flops, and a soft cotton tee. Sneakers and khaki shorts also pair well with cotton tees.
Women’s tees are a comfortable, low-maintenance option for date night. Wear a stylish tee with a denim miniskirt and a pair of high heels. Cover the tee with a blazer or cardigan for a more formal look. Check out for more Thanksgiving deals online.

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