Animal costumes

Animal costume is one of popular choices outfit this coming Halloween. Different animal costume can work in a variety of party themes. Here are some widely used animal suggestions for your Halloween costume.

Cat costume is a flexible choice. You can find several types and kinds to dress up such as tigers, cheetahs, lions or a house cat. For a more revealing look, cat-woman is a great option.

Rabbit costume is not only used during Easter but also on Halloween. It is easy to assemble, you only need a white sweater, white pair of tights or leggings then an large oval shaped stomach at the front and a pair of bunny ears for the whole outfit. A cute pom pom at your back will make a cute bunny tail.

Dog costumes are such a hit on kids. They are definitely man’s best friend and everyone wants to be one of them. You can dress in browns and blacks then add a headband with ears to achieve a dog costume.

Gorilla outfit is popular for men. It is comfortable to wear during cold season as it provides warm. Most gorilla outfits are large and made of fur like fabric. It also includes a mask of a gorilla face so it keeps your identity from others.

Let your imagination run wild and be creative to find the perfect animal costume for you. Check out for cheap animal costume

How to update an old Jacket

Whether it’s a recently thrifted jacket or something that you’ve had for ages, a little update can make a big difference. Take a look at these crafty ways to update an old jacket.

Vogue New Arrival Stand Collar Fancy PU Leather V-neckline Jacket Overcoat

  • PAINT -If you’re feeling a bit artistic, try taking to your old jacket with some paint. It’s very DIY and has a bit of a punk aspect to it. Just get your hands on some fabric paint and start creating a piece of art
  • CHOP - Take a pair of scissors to your jacket to turn it into something a bit different. A simple approach is to just chop the sleeves of to turn it into a vest.
  • SEQUIN -Not a fan of studs? Maybe you’re more of a sequin person, then. Adding some sequin details to an old jacket can be a fun way off giving it a more glamorous feel.
  • STUD - Studs are popular DIY materials. They’ll instantly add some edge to your look. Try studding an old jacket to give it a punk rock inspired feel.
  • DYE - Another way to update an old jacket is to dye it. Grab a packet of fabric dye and dye a plain white blazer. Or bleach a denim jacket. Or try your hand at tie-dying if you’re after something a bit more boho.

Split Joint Zipper Vintage Style Jacket

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